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Sand and abrasive particles separator is a simple, cost-effective solution for the separation of sand and abrasive particles from effluent or wastewater. It can be used in industrial processing, pulp and paper mills, abattoirs, food processing, and refineries to separate sand and solids, as well as to mechanically protect equipment located downstream of the process and make drainage systems more reliable.

SPU HYDRIG sand separators can be used in industrial and unility use to separate wastewater from sand. A sand separator consists of a big cone-shaped funnel for sand sedimentation and a screw converyor for dewatering and transportation of sediment. Sand washing and organic impurities separation can be done because of the cone-shaped receiving tank, a special system of washing, and a slow-speed mixer. The casing is completely closed to avoid foul odor and spread of dirt.



  • Sand separation, washing and removing;
  • Primary processing of domestic and municipal wastewater;
  • Solids removal from industrial wastewater.


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  • High quality and reliability;
  • Low cost;
  • Simplicity;
  • Ability to modify;
  • Fast and simple installation;
  • Reliable automatic self-washing;
  • Units and drainage systems protection.