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Screw screens are combined systems consisting of a mechanical screen, shaftless screw conveyor and press. Screens are used in the fields where solids compaction is not necessary.

Screw screens are cost-effective as they allow considerable expenses and operational costs reduction without any loss of efficiency, reliability and the length of main components operation cycle.

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  • Primary processing of domestic and municipal wastewater;
  • Solids removal from industrial wastewater.


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Operating principle

Solid or filtered particles are conveyed, compacted and dried. Thus, depending on particles features, compaction may reach 40% or more.

The washing mechanism decomposes and removes fecal and similar semi-solid substances and returns them to the inlet. The washing system can be equipped with additional cleaning to achieve a higher level of purification of organic solids. Washing efficiency from feces can reach 90% and more.

Screw screens can be supplied for direct installation in the channel or in stainless steel, with the option of an additional mechanical screen. Also continuous reception packing screenings in bag systems are provided to reduce the odor. In this case, screenings can be sealed.

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